Friday, 5 April 2013

New shoes?

Just a couple of quick things today....

One, I found a fabulous pair of lace up brogue high heels in black leather in a charity shop in Diss the other day for £1.95. If you follow my instagram (@ofavintageair), hopefully you'll see them soon!

Such a bargain. I've had some real brilliant finds in Diss. My favourite being a duck egg blue 50s swing coat. For £7.99. Crazy. It's got a couple of little holes in it, but mostly it's in great condition.

At the Shuttleworth Uncovered day last year. And blimey it was cold!
 Plus all of my smart hats have been charity shop finds. With feathers, and nets, and ribbon! My favourite!

Talking of finds, those of you who follow my instagram may have seen the pair of Miss L Fire shoes I found the other day. Beautiful wedges, if only they were my size! As such they're a EU36 (UK size 3) and perfect for summer. I've listed them on eBay, follow my link here. I hope someone gets a bargain. I'd love a pair of Miss L Fire shoes, but charity shop finds are all I have at the mo!

I can very much recommend the Red Cross charity shop in Diss. Their clothes and shoes are all a set price, so you can get an absolute steal sometimes. I pop in as often as I can!

Jo :-)


  1. What fabulous finds, that blue coat, is amazing and you look stunning in it!!! xx

    1. Thank you that's very kind :-)
      Jo :-) x