Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Workday Outfit

The self time makes me laugh! Also I'm sure the neighbours are wondering why the flash keeps going off in my kitchen!

So, today's outfit is the basics of what I wear everyday to work. There's a vest and thick tights layered under there! I think with one jumper this is still fairly vintage looking, but the number I end up putting on for work takes it more into the realms of "I feel like the Michelin Man!" so I've not pictured that!

Feeling sailor chic!

I love these tops from Primark. They're cheap (a staple of tops in my work wardrobe) thin enough to layer well and fairly good looking. They'll be good light long sleeved tops when it gets a bit warmer too.

Yes, I casually lean against this wall all the time....

The jeans I purchased at a charity shop yonks ago. They were too long for me so I was going to hem them but I turned them up and liked them that way, so that way they stayed. There's only a couple of stitches so if I ever want to wear them with heels I can let them down again.

Posing. Yes it looks ridiculous, but I may have got carried away!

I love my work boots. I used to wear walking boots for comfort but a) they don't look even slightly retro and b) they offered my poor toes no protection at all! These have steel toe caps and steel soles. Ain't nowt getting through there. No matter how many lead weights/spanners/trailers/random heavy objects I drop. Yes, I'm that clumsy!

Anyways, that's me. Normally. Sometimes with curled hair, sometimes with a scarf, mostly with grubby hands and broken nails and an unidentifiable splodge of something somewhere on my personage!

Jo :-)

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