Wednesday, 1 October 2014

October Challenge 2014

I see all sorts of challenges appear at various times on Instagram and none of the photo ones particularly appealed to me. In the spirit of my hundred happy days challenge (going well by the way #joshappyhundred if you're interested!) I thought I'd make a list of 31 things to achieve this month. Little things that Mae a difference to me and others. Things that make me feel happy. Some things that are just a plain old good idea! 

They might be done one a day or could be accomplished over the course of the month. I hope it will be a little daily push to achieve more! 

1) cook something delicious
2) handmake a present for someone 
3) finish a sewing project
4) finish a knitting project
5) bake a cake for someone else
6) take photos of my family
7) take photos of my friends
8) do something for charity
9) hand make birthday cards ready for up to Christmas
10) start a Christmas list (!!)
11) make a new skirt
12) try a new vegan dish 
13) go running again
14) pick blackberries
15) pick apples and make apple sauce to freeze
16) eBay some old wardrobe items
17) read a new book
18) learn about something new
19) start learning Italian again
20) have a pampering day. Face mask, nails, the lot! 
21) try a new dance move
22) do something kind to make someone smile
23) crochet a dark red snood
24) clean out and use a new handbag
25) make up some business cards for work and the jazz club
26) make a Halloween costume
27) write a letter to someone
28) go on a walk and collect sloes
29) make slow gin
30) make my car sparkle 
31) make some donations to a charity shop 

Hopefully this will give me something to aim for each day (or at least start and finish within a month!!). You can follow me on Instagram or twitter (@ofavintageair) to see my progress. #josoctoberchallenge 

Jo :-) 

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