Tuesday, 13 January 2015

January Blues - Outfit Post

Given that I had a fairly lazy day on Sunday, no dancing (till the evening!), flying or fettling required, I felt a pencil skirt was in order! 

I love a good pencil skirt! Thanks to some Christmas money my pencil skirt collection has increased almost exponentially over the winter break. 

This one arrived as a £2.50 gift from my mum a few days ago in the mail and Sunday seemed to be the perfect day for its first outing! 

I've also got a bit obsessed with the Bardot tops that seem to be all over the place at the moment. I've got a lot if colourways in the sale from Matalan which has been brilliant. 

They're perfect for me as I don't feel my arms are my best feature, and the sleeves hold that area together nicely!

Outfit Details:
Bardot top: Matalan £3 (currently in their sale)
Pencil Skirt: George @ Asda £2.50 (currently in their sale) 
Boots: New Look (if you see them in the sale, let me know! I want another pair!!) 

Decided to take the photos while we were at Stow Marie's (awesome WW1 aerodrome and museum), aeroplanes providing a good backdrop for everything of course! 

I love that you can put a whole outfit together with high street bargains at the moment with a good retro feel, comfort and no fear of ripping your vintage pencil skirt! (...of course this has never happened to me...!!)

Grabbed any bargains in the sales? 

Jo :-) 

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