Thursday, 8 January 2015

New Year's Resolutions - 2015

Well it's that time of year again. I've waited till a week into the new year to post this as the biggest change I'm making this year was going to require some organisation! 

I've got a list of things in my new diary that I would like to do at some point this year, but these are my two main thought process changing ones! 

1) Become a better person. 

Not the best phrasing but I feel it encompasses what I want to accomplish. 

This means thinking more about others. No more rubbish excuses about forgetting birthdays etc of the people who matter to me or just not posting stuff on time. Thank you cards and real gratitude. More thoughtfulness and mindfulness in general.

The biggest thing that I'm throwing in under this is cutting down on my swearing. Obviously you can still swear and be a good person, it's just become a bad habit for me that I would like to cut. So far it has gone reasonably well. The words are so ingrained in my language it's taking quite a lot to replace them! 

New favourites:

Oh bother! 

All said in an incredibly posh fake accent. Just for fun :-) 

2) Go Vegan. 

This is a biggie. I've been vegetarian now for eight months and veganism has been encroaching on me from all sides for the majority of that. 

I've been dabbling with aspects of it (dairy free margarine, dairy free milks and vegan baking!) for quite a while now and feel like I've been copping out of really doing it. 

I was staying with my mum and godmother at the very beginning of the year and straight to work where I stay in a caravan for the last few days so it just wasn't practical to begin right away as I don't really feel like a lifestyle of my own choosing should make others lives difficult. (....and let's be honest here, I wanted to finish my mum's Christmas cake! Any vegan suggestions for next Christmas?!) 

So yesterday I took the step. I had cereal with oat milk for breakfast. I had veggie curry and rice for lunch and I had Tesco's nut cutlets with mash and veg for dinner. (Yup, I eat a lot!) Plus banana custard for dessert made with soy milk. Dad was unimpressed. I thought it tasted the same. 

I've prepped by buying vegan store cupboard essentials. I've accepted the thought that eating out is going to be difficult now. I've researched about vegan cosmetics etc. 

What I'm not doing is throwing things out that I already use. Cosmetics, shampoos, nail polishes etc that I already own I'm not throwing away. I'm having to balance being vegan with having a very limited income. Anything new I buy will be BUAV approved. A lot of the stuff I use already is.

Superdrug you reasonably priced bit of brilliance I'm looking at you. Can't recommend them enough. Sainsburys and Marks & Spencer's are also BUAV approved which is great. 

3) Be HAPPY. 

All the usual new year stuff. Love myself, make good decisions, practice gratitude. 

I believe gratitude is a big part of this. I'm trying to keep a diary this year. It's online and one day maybe I'll share it. But at the end of every entry I write down three things I'm grateful for. Hopefully this will help! 

So that's me this year. Hopefully a better person all round by the time 2016 hits our lives. 

What're your resolutions? Have you broken them already? :-) 

Jo :-) 

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