Thursday, 20 September 2012

The Gloves are On!

Hello All :-)

So, first post. At least there's no expectations yet! I haven't got a fabulous outfit post to do yet, but I'm going to The Shuttleworth Collection's evening airshow on Saturday, then a wedding party in a hangar in the evening, so hopefully then. I'm thinking pencil skirt and my gorgeous fifties swing coat.

Photo Taken by me at a Shuttleworth Collection display last year.

What I do have to share with you is a couple of beautiful finds from Chelmsford market last week. I've been after a pair of white evening gloves for a while, keeping my eyes peeled and debating what to get. Having wandered around Chelmsford for a while I was in Debenhams trying on lots and lots of hats having a look at hats in the formal section when I spotted a nice silky pair of short, white evening gloves. 'Lovely!' says I and I even had a birthday voucher for them. The only thing was they didn't quite have that spark....we didn't quite click. Sadly there was no love at first sight, so they were replaced and my search amble continued.

I wandered over to the market and sat outside having my new healthy rabbit food lunch. This friendly pigeon came and fluttered around by me feet. Apparently the person before me on the bench was a messy eater....

Photo Taken by me. Fag ends, not dropped by me. Grr.
Pigeon paid with corner of cereal bar!

And then I made an awesome discovery :-) there was a lovely, lovely stall in the market selling some really beautiful old things. Seriously, I could have spent all day there. Amongst these was a pair of original fifties white evening gloves, still stitched together, still with their original tag. These were half the price of the Debenhams pair!!! Bar-jin as my friend Tash would say. They fitted wonderfully. Although I'm now a bit loath to take the tag off them, but I suppose I could always sew them back together....maybe.

But the best discovery of all was a pair of white kid leather, elbow length evening gloves with a three pearl button closure. This time there were sparks, lightning bolts and immediate falling in love. Alright so they're a tad on the tight side, but I'm losing weight, maybe my hands will slim down a tad....maybe!! But they are stunning. The softest thing ever. I'm so pleased I didn't buy the gloves from Debenhams, yes they were nice, but these are just perfect!!

 Photo taken by me. Pearl buttons.

 Photo taken by me. Tad tight, but still lovely.

Photo taken by me. Beautiful gloves, plus a pair of leather gloves I got from New Look for driving my other half's convertible, my hands get cold! And a sparkly, feathery (can you get a better combination?!) hair clip also from New Look. Both New Look items were on sale as well. Bar-jin!

So anyhoo, they're my goodies for the moment. Think my next update will either be on my bike, or my outfit on Saturday. Depends if I do any riding before then, and the way I'm feeling today it's doubtful!!

Ciao then!

Jo :-)

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