Friday, 21 September 2012

On Your (Vintage) Bike

So after many failed attempts at posting a vaguely pre prepared post about the awesomeness which is my new-to-me toy, I have given up and started again. Bear with me! Pretty please :-)

So, my new-to-me toy. Her name is Bee, she's from the 1940s at some point. I could apparently look her up and find her exact birthday but I wouldn't know where to start!!

Bee is my birthday present from my other (better?) half, she's a beautiful loop framed, Dutch style bicycle. And very elegant she is too! Complete with three gears, rod brakes, and a wicker basket she is my new best friend.

When I collected her she was a little the worse for wear, but having replaced her tyres with cream walled ones (there was a choice of white or cream, but cream matched the mud guards!!) and changing the front brake pads, she rides beautifully.

Now all I need is for my friend to bring her Pashley home and we can go for lovely elegant bike rides. To the pub. Obviously!

So yes, just the ticket for getting my behind in gear and into all those wiggle dresses I long to buy!

There should be a couple of pics floating round this post somewhere. It's taking a bit of getting used to, blogging on the iPhone. Any tips?



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