Tuesday, 26 March 2013

New Shirt and Head Scarf!

Hello all!

A quick outfit post today! If you follow me on Instagram (@ofaVintageAir) you may have seen that I picked up some bargains in Tesco the other day. I often buy cheap tops and jumpers from places like Tesco and Primark as my things tend to end up with paint or grease or other stainy type things on them at work, so there's no point buying anything expensive!

One of the things I picked up was a lovely pastel coloured, striped shirt. In preparation for sunnier weather, I wore it one day last week and it mostly ended up covered by a jumper!

By the miracle of self timers....

I don't feel massively comfortable showing my stomach off so I'm wearing a white vest underneath (and it was a tad chilly!!) and felt much better about it! I did wear the shirt tucked in for a while, but preferred it like this!

Jo who rivets very rarely....
The head scarf I'm wearing is a cheeky offcut from my Spring Circle Skirt and kept my hair fairly well in check for most of the day.

So my outfit consisted of:

Headscarf: offcut!
Vest: Sainsbury's
Shirt: Tesco (£4)
Jeans: Charity shop. They're the same as my last work outfit post, but I've taken the turn ups down!
And as per usual my awesome "Hard as Nails" steel toe capped boots!

Obligatory Casual Leaning against a wall photo...
So that's all folks. It's been a busy week!

Jo :-)

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