Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Everyday Vintage

So I'm an aircraft engineer. I work with my dad (which is mostly wonderful!) and therefore I have no specific uniform in which to go to work everyday.

So what's a vintage loving gal to do. I need to stay warm. I need to be able to wriggle my arms into tiny spaces and I'd still like to look like me.

I have to say, high waisted trousers have made getting that 'vintage look' a lot easier. Especially in the summer when I'm not wearing two costs and you can see they're high waisted.

So my usual uniform for a work day is layers. Leggings (or thick tights!) with a vest and a t shirt tucked in. Then a thinner long sleeved top tucked into my high waist, wide legged (ish!) trousers and as many jumpers and costs on top as I need! Plus my steel toe capped boots and many many pairs of socks!

Generally though what pulls the outfit together is hair and make up. I'm going to be honest. A side bun or pony tail does most days. A beret when I need a hat. And a swipe of lipstick and mascara. It just helps me feel a bit more like me whilst elbow deep in an aeroplane!

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