Thursday, 2 January 2014

December 2013 Aim Finished!

Happy New Year everyone! 

And a happy Christmas while I'm at it! I decided (when everything became stupidly busy and I seemed to be spending every waking second cooking!) that Christmas was time off from the Internet at large. 

I've kept up on reading blogs via emails, but other than that, have almost wholly neglected my phone!

It's been lovely actually. 

We've had a wonderful Christmas. Full of friends, family and far too much food. 

I'm writing this between bouts of New Year Party washing up (Yes. It's taken two days) and then I'm going for a walk in this beautiful sunshine! 

So. December 2013. Hair setting. 

Well I think I set it more than usual. It looked fabulous for a Christmas party before I went to Scotland! I set it for new year as well. Looser forties style curls. 

Which then fell out fairly quickly as I got all stressed trying to put my damn corset on!! 

Still haven't used the scary setting lotion. I'm still on the lookout for a spray bottle to apply it nicely. Anyone got any suggestions?

All in all, not bad. The set I used of lots of tight pin curls looked great, and the few bigger pin curls for looser curls was quick, easy and fairly effective. 

But still. Must try harder!! :-S possibly should have tried a less busy month for this one, but hey ho! 

Jo :-)

P.S. what does your other half think of setting your hair at night? Mine doesn't like it at all! 

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