Tuesday, 17 December 2013

December Aim. Midway.

So my aim this month is to try and set my hair more often and to try out my setting lotion. 

Well. I've cut my hair again so it's neater now, and I'm in Scotland now visiting. My godmother was a hair dresser, so I'm hoping she'll have some setting lotion tips for me! 

So far I've set my hair twice. Which to be honest is a bit of a failure!! 

I've been having baths in the mornings so haven't wanted it to be set all day for no reason. I've taken to pin curls and pony tails for an easy retro look. 

Or victory rolls for a bit of instant glam.

In some ways I'm pleased I've done a lot more to make my hair look more vintage styled so far this month, but I would like to get this pin curl thing down!! 

It worked reasonably well the first time, but I did fairly big pin curls so it was wavy and lost it's shape quite fast. 

The second time I did it, I tried to make them smaller, neater and tighter. They certainly stuck close to my head when I took the pins out! They didn't keep too much wave when I brushed them through though! 

I had quite a lot of volume and a reasonable amount of wave. I was told I looked very twenties, which I guess is the result of the shorter hair cut. 

I have no pictures of it as I was (as usual) terribly late getting ready! 

Next up. Setting lotion! 


P.S. got any setting lotion tips? 

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