Sunday, 1 December 2013

December Aim!

I decided the other day to make up little icons for each month to post on my Instagram using photos taken in that month the previous year. (and maybe even prior to that!)

It was mostly for me, as I love doing my Instagram round up posts, but can never remember where one month starts and finishes. 

Then as I was posting it at two am this morning, I figured why not give it slightly more point. So my monthly aim was born! 

The great ideas you have in the middle of the night!!

My aim for this month is to try and set my hair more often. To try out my setting lotion and to figure out a good basic set for my hair at the moment. 

I love the way rollers come out but I get frustrated with them sometimes. 

My pin curl sets are never the same! 

Sometimes I get lazy and just do plaits. 

I run out of time and use heated rollers. The curls never last though. And I look like a total idiot for half an hour. Huge clips sticking up off my head! 

So basically I'm going to aim for more of this:

Resulting in beautiful neat curls. 

And less of this:

Crazy curls with no rhyme or reason to them! 

So, Go December (!), for good hair!!

Jo :-)

P.S. got any aims this month? Got any hair tips? 

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