Saturday, 7 December 2013

November Instagram Round Up

Day late, my reminder didn't go off! Rubbish! :-)

Top five Instagram posts as liked by people. 

According to this month I've been busy trying to teach myself to design dresses whilst baking, selling things on eBay and starting far too much knitting!! 

First off, Cookies!!

Raspberry and white chocolate oat cookies to be precise. 

Made the day we were clearing out the garage. For sustenance! There some chocolate chip lurking at the back there too. Since then I've made these again and done chocolate chip and raisin oat cookies. Yummy. 

Lovely Laura Ashley dress that went for a bargainous  price on my eBay (joanna_esme if you're interested!) because it doesn't fit me well!

Too many knitting projects on the go. Since then I've finished the navy, started and finished a hot pink snood and started a hot pink beret. So the pile's not really gone down at all....

My wonderful dress form. She's a bit old and creaky, plus she's still without a name, but she's been amazingly useful after I got her back in November. From freecycle too! 

Last but not least, trying to teach myself to draw clothes. So that I can show people what I want to make rather than just badly describing it. It's going reasonably well so far for a beginner! I have a fancy pen now and everything!! 

That's all for now folks. 

I've got a post about a lighthouse boat in the works for Monday, there's an outfit post lurking somewhere too! The fianc√© is off to work in India for a couple of weeks so after the busy weekend it should be a bit of smooth sailing! 


P.S. what have you been up to in November? 

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