Saturday, 7 December 2013

Tollesbury LightHouse Boat

A day out! Well. A couple of hours!

The other day my friend (and at some point to be sister-in-law) Dani and I went for a wander. 

We headed down to Tollesbury Marina by car and then took a walk out over the mud towards the beautiful lighthouse boat. 

It was cold, bleak and beautiful. Amazingly, the boat appeared to be open to look at. I've never seen it open before, and we may just have wandered on to something we weren't supposed to, but hey, no barriers!! 

It's rather lovely really. All big chains and rivets and surrounded by mud with a million birdy foot prints in.

Not just a close up. These chains were huge, we could barely lift one link!

Apparently it plays host to nautical activity holidays for children now since its retirement in 1988. 

Tollesbury is really a lovely place to take a walk. We went a bit further round the edge and out along a ridge where I took these pretty photos of the sunset. 

Which was when we realised we'd probably better get back to the car or risk getting stuck in the mud in the dark! 


P.S. been anywhere nice for walking lately? Best free exercise there is!! :-)

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