Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Review: Retro Razor

Hey there people! This was almost ready to go when blogger helpfully lost it and now my computer is being completely uncooperative! So this post today is bought to you from my iPhone. Hence the disjointed pictures. I don't think I have the hang of this yet....

Got my first review here for you today!

As you may have seen on instagram or twitter, I got rather excited the other day about my new razor turning up. I have since used it a couple of times and here's what I have to say about it.

It arrived in a simple cardboard box. To give it's plastic travel box a bit of protection.

The plastic travel box feels a bit cheap but then for the price it's fairly good. Keeps it neat and tidy and easy to travel with.

The hundred blades that came with it are in easy to transport boxes of five and seem to be a fairly decent brand. They certainly work ok!

The razor itself feels fairly heavy in your hand. Not as weighty as more expensive versions but definitely nicer to handle than disposables! The simple twist system to lock in the blade does what it says on the tin! Although a minor concern is that it may get damp inside and this could shorten the life of the razor. I also like that I can use each blade on both sides before recycling it!

Now, actually shaving with it. You definitely need some sort of cream. I use a bottle of shampoo I've got at the moment that doesn't agree with my hair. Cheap conditioner works equally as well and I've heard good things about oil! You angle the blade slightly differently to a disposable and it can take a bit longer to get used to it, but I don't see this being a problem. The times I've used it so far have all been fine (no cuts!!) and I think I've got a bit faster!

It does make me feel like I've got a bit more luxury in my bath now and I've enjoyed using it for the few weeks since it turned up. I haven't even had to turn the blade over yet. It might not cut quite as close in one swipe as a disposable with multiple blades, but a few passes gets you equally smooth pins.

So retro safety blade razors? Big thumbs up from me. They take a little more time but add a little more glamour. Plus in time it will work out cheaper and much more Eco friendly than disposables.

Worth it, I say!

If you're interested in purchasing one you can find it in the Shopping section of my blog as an Amazon Affiliate link. Of you buy through this I get a little bit through them. If not, search and purchase!

Jo :-)

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