Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Outfit: New Shirt

Hello there!

The sun is shining and the other day I used that as an excuse (and who needs one really...) to do a little bit of summery shopping. Those who follow my instagram (@ofavintageair) will have seen my mini haul and today I thought I'd share my new shirt!

Summery Stripey Shirt
There's only so much I can say about a shirt to be honest. I had it tucked in for a while, but wasn't feeling it with these jeans. So I tied a knot which may look a tad silly with a vest underneath but it was still too chilly for anything else!

Those with eagle eyes may notice the headscarf made from a scrap of fabric from my Spring Circle Skirt. When I say made I may be exaggerating slightly as what I actually mean is cut into a triangle and folded!

Now for some silly poses!

The Casual Lean
We all stand in our kitchens like this right??

Rosie the Riveter Pose
I tried to think of some clever alliteration with Jo but nothing came.... The best was Jo the Joiner and to be honest it's pretty much a fail!

The shirt was only £4. It's ever so comfy and soft, and cheap enough that I don't worry about wearing it to work.

Shirt: Tesco
Vest: Asda
Jeans: Charity Shop (I've taken the turn ups down since I last posted a photo and need to do something with them again as they're a bit long!)
Boots: Hard as Nails. Seriously. Every girl needs steel toe caps and soles in her wardrobe surely?

Enjoy the sun!

Jo :-)

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