Saturday, 4 May 2013

Review: Brown Eye Definer

Hey there!

Another review for you today! Eye Definer. I was going to wait until it actually ran out (I'll try and update when it does!) but I got impatient and so here you go!

I purchased this the other week from Morrisons and I've also seen it in Tesco so it was really easy to grab while getting a few bits from the shops! I'm sure stores like Boots and Superdrug do it as well, but that would've involved a trip into town for me.

No Make Up.... Scary....

The product is Brown Eye Definer by Collection. It cost £2.99 and at a guess, using it everyday to line your eyes I think it will last about two months.

Eye Definer Only

I've really been enjoying using it everyday. It's a softer look than the black I used to wear, and quicker to slick on in the mornings.

Eye Definer and Black Mascara

It goes on really softly and smoothly. It's staying power isn't fantastic. Certainly no where near liquid liner, but for a casual day look, I don't mind if it's getting a bit smudged by seven pm! I did try defining my brows with it, and it gave a great fifties type brow without being too much (which i find doesn't suit me) although I still found it too much for everyday wear in a workshop! If you were doing something a bit more glam it would probably be great!

Heavey fifties style make up, much more suited to dark
lighting on a night out and better hair than a pony tail!

I keep it in my handbag as the packaging seems pretty sturdy and the lid goes on with a nice satisfying click so no worries about liner all over the inside of  my bag!

I think it's a great little accessory for your bag, quick, cheap and easy.

Price: 5/5 Bargain.
Value for money: 4/5 I don't think it's going to last for months on end, but at such a cheap price, it's not the end of the world!
Look: 5/5 Soft and more subtle than liquid liner. More like a type of Kohl. Just what I want for work.
Staying power: 3/5 I wouldn't recommend this for a sweaty evening of dancing for example, but it's good enough for a casual day.

End result: 4.25/5 Good, cheap and easy for a casual look. Not so good for glamourous evenings out.

I'll be buying it again! I also want to try their felt tip liner as I'm pretty rubbish with the liquid stuff!!

Jo :-)

PS. Sorry the photos are sideways, they just don't seem to want to play ball! Although I'm so pleased my computer is working again I shall forgive them for now!!

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