Thursday, 23 May 2013

So I Got Engaged!

Sorry for the big break in posts, it's all been a bit chaotic round here. Crazy work, I've been ill, quick trip to Germany, which resulted in the most exciting news for me ever: my Eric PROPOSED!

We're engaged. To be married. I am so excited!

My ring now it's been resized!
 The ring Eric used was his Grandma's and we think it's from the thirties. It wasn't her actual engagement ring, but I loved it since we discovered all of her jewelry and I'm so happy that Eric remembered.

I haven't really shared much about my fiancĂ© on here so I thought I'd put a few pictures of us in this post. We met at the Gliding Club during a competition weekend and became good friends for a few months before we went on our first date (lovely old local pub!) in September '09.

Recently at RAF museum London messing about in the Jet Provost!
I've got into the vintage thing since meeting him and he's very understanding! He even puts up with crazy rollers and me bringing home random collections of vintage sewing machines.....

We spend a lot of time at airfields and doing flying related things. It's his passion and mine most of the time!

At a forties dance last year. And an awesome Mustang!
In the general spirit of weddings, I've been vaguely researching dresses (yay dresses!) and here's a couple of my favourite inspiration dresses so far!

Beautiful.... Maybe a little simple? And cold for a winter wedding!
A bit more modern in concession to Eric, but it has POCKETS!!
So yeah, it's going to be a year and a half or so before we actually tie the knot. Plenty of time to save up and find cheap deals!

I'm thinking of running a Frugal Vintage Wedding Planing type series on here. Just my processes of going through planning and everything. It won't be a totally vintage wedding as it's not Eric's thing so much, and there will be plenty of aviation action, but it will be fun and awesome. I'll be marrying my best friend in the whole world and that's the important thing!

My favourite photo of us.... *not mine*

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