Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Instagram July Round-Up

Hi there Internet friends! 

Here's the first in a series of blog posts that hopefully I'll keep going every month! 

Top five (by the number of likes!) Instagram photos of the month! 

So with no further ado, here's July! 

1) My new picnic basket stacked on the old picnic basket! Actually an Easter present for the fiancé, but it was hard to make everything fit in the first one! So I'm afraid I caved and bought the second from a charity shop! 

2) The back of my bargain eBay wedding dress. Gorgeous. I love it so so much. Off to see my mum at the end of this week to show her as well! VERY (yes shouty very!) excited!

3) Moi with victory rolls that were falling out in front of my favourite Tiger Moth. Went flying with a friend that evening and it was lovely!

4) A beautiful rose I purchased for the newly weeded front garden! It smells divine! What's the point of roses without fragrance?!

5) Last but not least a little gold bird brooch that I know nothing about and picked up in a charity shop. Very pretty and it's head moves. It's now gone to the  fiancé's mother as a present! I'm sure she'll research it a bit more! 

So don't forget to find me on Instagram and twitter! Both are @ofavintageair and I'd love to chat!

Thanks for reading! 


P.S. loving the new blogging app on my iPhone! This will make life so much easier! My laptop refuses to go on the Internet now, hence the absence! You'll be hearing more from me soon! 

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