Saturday, 24 August 2013

Scotland Trip! >or< How to Bore People with Too Many Photos!

The other week I took some time out to visit my Mum and Godmother in bonny Scotland! If you follow me on Instagram or twitter you'll already have seen some of these photos!

The main reason for driving up was that due to me buying my wedding dress (!!!) second hand on eBay they hadn't seen it yet! They loved it. I'm so pleased because I think it's just perfect! 

They couldn't get much time off work but we managed to cram plenty into the two weekends anyway! 

We visited Stirling. For a good rummage in TK Maxx. I have a beautiful silk shirt now. Perfect for job interviews? 

I was taken to Cupar home of fabulous charity shops! I tried on an amazing mint green 60s or 70s sort of frothy pencil skirt type secretary dress, but alas it was not meant to be! 

We had fun frog cakes. Found the Really Nasty Horse Racing Game and got some lovely bargain clothes. Leopard print jacket. Oh yes. 

Then we headed to Anstruther to see the sea! Had famous Fish and Chips followed by bubblegum ice cream and went home (ridiculously) full, fat and happy. 

I made a couple of mid week excursions on my dear bicycle. To the random pineapple and the new addition of a spitfire memorial in Grangemouth. 

We spent my last Sunday visiting Blackness Castle on the Forth. Complete with what seemed like gale force winds! Lovely castle, but the stairs aren't for the faint hearted! 

After that we went to the Bo'ness and Kinneil Railway where they run a gorgeous little steam train up and down the tracks all day! 

We booked first thing to go on the afternoon tea excursion. It was delicious. I want to do it every weekend! Nothing like the noise of a steam train!

The train tickets allow you to hop on and off as many times as you like. As there was only one trip after ours we didn't bother, but the nature walks off the little stations looked lovely. I believe there's also an estate you can walk to and visit. 

Oh, and I learnt the basics of crochet. As you saw in my recent book review! Fingers crossed for a finished article soon! 

All in all a wonderful little break. It's all a bit crashing back down to earth now, but looking back through the photos has been lovely! 

Jo :-)

P.S. have you been anywhere nice lately? Day trip? Sun, sea and sand holiday? 

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