Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Red Gingham Circle Skirt

A quick me made post today. Look
What I finished this week! (Those of you who follow me on twinstagram will have ready seen this and I'm sorry to bore you!) 

But look!!

Isn't she pretty? I've wanted a red gingham circle skirt for ages now. But thick cotton gingham seems to be fairly expensive. So I've bitten the bullet and gone for polycotton instead. It'll mostly be worn over a petticoat anyway! 

Things started off rough as I was determined to sew it in a day for the Jazz Club summer party to go as a picnic blanket! (It was that or a bathing suit. Go figure!) 

Could I get this dear sewing machine to work. Nope. Nothing. Just backward needle thread stitching. Turns out I had the needle threaded the wrong way. Doh. 

Instruction booklets are a god send!! 

Just look at the cute buttons on the waistband! Strawberries! 

To go with the picnic theme you see. Incredibly organised for me really considering I completely forgot a button for the last skirt! 

Ah well. Still learning! I'm thinking something music themed next! 

Wish me luck on the hunt for bargain fabric!

Jo :-)

P.S. where do you find your bargains? Sewn anything lately? 


  1. Ooooh its so pretty, withe perfect buttons, I do love a bit of gingham!

    It always surprises me when I stumble on my sewing machines manual, the things I learn that I really should have known already, especially after having the machine about 5 years! :)

    I've just started to make myself some summer Pajamas (though by the time I finish them they may have to be next summers), I got my fabric from Minerva Crafts online shop, They are reasonably priced and each time I have looked there is usually a few bargains to be had, hope this helps! x

    1. Thank you for the comments! Really kind! I'm fairly certain it's a bit scruffy up close!

      Good luck with the PJs! Thanks for the tip on the fabric bargains!

      Jo x