Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Outfit Post - Red Gingham Circle Skirt

So you've already seen that it's finally finished. The picnic blanket skirt! After silly issues with my sewing machine! 

So here is an outfit I hope to wear out to the jazz club next time I go! 

Excuse the hair there was some laziness going on. The sunglasses are because I'm on holiday! In Scotland. So actually needing them is rare!

I think the hem on this skirt is probably the scruffiest I've done so far. I'm blame the much thinner poly cotton I've used! 

And for your amusement, here's one of me sitting on a bench, but all it's succeeded in doing is making my legs look ridiculously short! 

And one where I was spinning round! Just for fun! 


Sunglasses - TKMaxx they say VP on them with a Playboy bunny in the middle. I have no idea. I think they're cute! 
Top - Debenhams, years ago!
Skirt - made by me!
Petticoat - the ever fabulous Vivien of Holloway
Shoes - they're by Marta Johnson and were a gift last Christmas! 

I can see this skirt with a crisp white shirt too! Perfect for a summers day!

Jo :-)

P.S. have you needed your sunglasses lately? Made anything summer inspired? 

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