Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Crazy Birthday Wishlist >or< what I'd buy if I won the Lottery!

So hi guys! It's my birthday today. 23!

I don't really do birthday lists (don't even think I did them when I was little, Santa lists yes, birthday, no) but I thought it would be fun to do a crazy, extravagant, lottery win type list. Because let's be honest, I'd be happy with a slow cooker and some chocolate! :-)

It's a good excuse for a post full of pretty things!!

So, without further ado:

1) A DeHavilland Tiger Moth. Or Gipsy Moth. Sorry for the bad photo quality. Phone picture. That I zoomed in on! Seriously though. My favourite aeroplanes. So lovely!

2) A vintage Mustang. Gorgeous. Oddly my crazy Wishlist seems to be vehicular in nature! 

3) Vivien of Holloway wrap dress and a funky new blue petticoat to go under it! Given that I now sew somewhat more than I used to, the skirts are becoming more accessible to me, but the structure of tops and dresses still scares me! 

4) A stunning (and slightly too in your face!) sparkly necklace. Diamonds preferably! This one is made new on Etsy, in a deco style and is gorgeous. As is the price tag of £3300. Definitely a Lotto win bit of jewellery!

5) a personal trainer?? Who'll followed round and yell at me when I want to buy chocolate and when I watch "Come Dine With Me", get obsessed with the sponge pudding, google it and go make it in the microwave. (May have happened. My lips remain sealed and slightly sticky with golden syrup...) Who forces me to run and jump and skip and get lovely and healthy again!! Haha! 

Anyway, silliness aside! I hope anyone else who shared an August birthday with me has a great day! 

Jo :-)

P.S. What's been your favourite birthday present? I love my bike and my VoH dress and petticoat to death, and my evening dress from my Dad for my 21st! 

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