Wednesday, 4 September 2013

How I did 20s make up

So the other week I went to the Colchester Jazz Club's Summer Party. It was wonderful fun, made all the better by my Eric joining us for a change! 

Due to a bit of idiocy on my part I couldn't sew up my red gingham circle skirt and go as a picnic blanket as I'd intended! 

Cue crazy dashing round shops looking for something twenties inspired to wear instead. Dress finally found I realised I should really do some make up to go with it! 

Now, make up has never been a hugely strong point for me, but I'm getting a lot better! 

I still think these photos look better in black and white! 

I went for a fairly heavy "film star" type look, but dispensed with any heavy foundation due to the amount of dancing that would be happening! Didn't think everything sliding off my face would be a particularly good look! 

So, if you're not going to be doing anything too strenuous, start here!

1) pale foundation. You're looking for doll like skin, looking flat and flawless for those 1920s cameras! 

Again, if you're not sweating too much, you could try covering your eyebrows and re drawing them completely, but I personally feel like I wouldn't be comfortable wearing such a stylised look out! I'm not the brave! I just used a brown liner to accentuate my own eyebrows a bit!

2) I swept a pale pink across my eyelids, right up to the eyebrow. 

3) then used a charcoal colour (that had a teeny bit of sparkle to it) and swept that across my eyelid, into the crease, and nearly up to the insides of my eyebrows. 

4) then I used my black and white smudge stick. The black I smudged on the outside of my eyelash line. All along the top of my lid and just underneath and on the outside of my lower lid. The white I used on the inside of my lashes on the lower lid. 

5) for a bit of extra definition I used a black kohl liner on my top lid and took it out to the side in a gentle flick. 

6) pile on the mascara! I did the lower lashes as well, just not quite as heavily!

7) tidy up under your eyes, maybe a sweep of pale powder. I didn't bother with blush (dancing makes me red enough!) but I think it helps with the doll like look. 

8) I used a deeper than normal lip liner. Really accentuate the Cupid's bow and don't make your lips as wide as normal either. Blot the edges with foundation. 

Ta dah! 20s style inspired make up! 

I wouldn't wear this day to day! But I quite like the smoky eyes toned down a tad for an evening look. Although everyone I asked said they liked the look even if it was heavy, that it was just a bit different! 

Which was nice of them :-) 

Jo :-)

P.S. do you have a make up go to? Like trying new styles? 

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