Friday, 20 September 2013

Of a Vintage Air's 1st Birthday!

So. One year. This will be my 32nd post. Which I consider somewhat of a failure as it's not even one a week! 


Two big gaps in posting have helped attribute to that I think! It's been better the last month or so. I've tried to be more scheduled with my posting. I have four things to write about every month, and then anything interesting I might do gets tucked in between!

I think my favourite posts have been the sewing ones. It makes me quite proud to think that I've actually made something. Especially something wearable and washable! (My skirts have braved the washing machine and come out unscathed!) 

Blogging aims for the next year?

> More frequent posting. 
> More sewing/crafty projects. 
> Book reviews and research into the wartime years. 
> Airplanes!! They definitely haven't made enough of a dent in this blog yet and they're actually a huge part of my life! 

So happy birthday to the blog, and I hope to hear more from the few of you who read next year! 

Jo :-) 

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